Reset, Rebrand

Senior Marketing Manager

Project Length: 12 months

Project manager for a company-wide rebrand, shifting from a content-focused nutritional advice website to a personalized app guiding users to better metabolic health.

Phase 1: Partnered with a top brand consultancy in San Diego, California 2021-2022. The results were a future-focused brand platform, a corporate name change, audience and persona development, and an elevated voice and messaging platform.

Phase 2: Aug 2022-November 2022. Built an internal team of creative thinkers and consultants to develop the creative expression and brand concept into action. Led workshops with senior management teams, advised on research projects, and readied the creative team for design prototyping.


  • Client:Diet Doctor AB, Stockholm Sweden
  • Categories:
  • Skills:
    • Brand strategy
    • Conflict management skills
    • Facilitation
    • Project management
    • Project workshops
    • Team building & Leadership training
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